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Pothole Repairs Underway

As spring weather arrives, so do many potholes across the province and the Township of Scugog is no exception. Carol Coleman, Director of Public Works and Infrastructure, says “Potholes are worse in some areas this year, especially on gravel roads, as temperatures in January and February fluctuated above and below zero degrees creating constant freezing and thawing of road surfaces.”

To combat the state of the roads, crews have been busy throughout the winter repairing potholes. However, winter conditions are not ideal for pothole repairs. Director Coleman explained, “For the asphalt patches on paved roads, we need the roads to be dry if we want the patches to last. As for gravel roads, grading is not effective until the frost is out of the roads.” Crews are continuing to address potholes and once winter weather lets up, repairing potholes will be the main priority of our operations team. As the Township maintains over 800 lane km of road it will take time and good weather conditions to be able to address all the potholes.

Director Coleman appreciates the calls and feedback and thanks residents for their patience. “We’ve heard from many residents and we are prioritizing all calls. It is a bad time of year for roads everywhere and we ask that drivers use caution, slow down and avoid potholes, where possible.”

Improving the condition of our roads is the highest priority for Council and staff. Through identifying efficiencies and cost savings, implementation of dedicated levies and grants from other levels of government, investments into our roads and bridges have grown 63% in the last five years to an average of $5 million per year.

In the past five years over 210 lane km of gravel roads have been resurfaced, approximately 105 lane km of hard surfaced/ paved roads have been reconstructed or rehabilitated. Improvements will continue in 2023 with the reconstruction of Balsam Street, Water Street and Devitts Road. As well as pavement preservation on Ashburn Road. Staff will also replace the bridge on Jobb Road and resurface an additional 50 lane km of gravel roads. The increased investment into road repairs is working and a 2022 study of the Scugog road system showed that the overall condition of Township roads has improved since the last study in 2019.

To speed up the time to repair potholes, the Township will be purchasing an additional hotbox patcher in 2023. This equipment will result in more potholes repaired with hot mix asphalt which lasts longer, reduces labour time and material costs.

To report potholes on Scugog roads go to the Township’s website at

Potholes on Durham Region roads such as Lake Ridge Road, Simcoe Street, Island Road, Shirley Road, Reach Street, Goodwood Road, Saintfield Road and Regional Road 47 can be reported to Durham Region Works Department at

For general roads inquiries please email

To report an issue after hours, please call 905-434-2173.

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