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Scugog Website Navigation Testing Now Open

We need your input on the design of our new website!

Scugog held a focus group on March 2 to plan out how content will be organized and presented on our new corporate website. The purpose of this was to consider how customers navigate web content and how to best sort the pages to make it as easy as possible to find what you are looking for. We have organized them in a way that we believe enhances usability, but we need your input to ensure it is as user friendly and intuitive as can be.

To do so, we have launched a website navigation test for everyone to try! This exercise will map the paths customers take when searching for information. Through a series of searchable exercises, you can navigate the proposed content menus and the system will track the destinations you choose. For example, you will be asked to find information on taxes and through a series of drop-down headings you should find your answer in a few clicks. By testing the menu arrangement, we will get a much better idea of how to organize website content to create an optimal user experience.

To access and participate in the navigation testing, visit here. The exercise should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and will be invaluable when creating our website. Navigation testing will be open until Tuesday, March 21 at 6:00pm.

More information on our new website can be found at

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