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Refreshment Vehicle Licences

According to the Township of Scugog's Refreshment Vehicle By-law, you must have a licence to operate a refreshment vehicle in the Township of Scugog. Refreshment vehicles are any vehicle or temporary structure used for selling refreshments to the public and include vehicles that can be moved mechanically or manually.

Apply for a Licence 

Complete the Refreshment Vehicle Application to apply for a licence. It costs $306 for a licence. 

Special Events 

There are separate licences for refreshment vehicles at special events, such as Canada Day. Complete the Refreshment Vehicle Special Events Application to apply for a licence for special events in the Township of Scugog. A special events licence costs $115. 

Note: All special event applications require approval from the Durham Region Health Department and can be submitted online (see link below). 

Application For Health Department Approval 

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