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Appointment of Citizens to Advisory Committees and Hall Boards for the New Council Term

The Council of the Corporation of the Township of Scugog is seeking community-minded individuals to submit their names for consideration as appointees to the following committees and positions for the 2022 – 2026 term of Council.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and reside within the Township of Scugog. Each board and committee have a specific mandate and generally meet monthly or on an as required basis.  Membership appointments are for a four-year term.

Interested persons are encouraged to submit an application to the Township of Scugog using the Township’s online application form outlining your interest, experience and general knowledge concerning the appointment sought by 4:30 p.m. on Friday February 24, 2023

For further information regarding the listed appointments or to request an accessible alternative contact by email or by calling the Corporate Services Department 905-985-7346.


Advisory Committees

Committee Description Appointees

Scugog Accessibility, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Advisory Committee (SADIE)

  • provides advice on the identification, removal and prevention of barriers for the diverse population of our community.
  • the SADIE committee will work actively to formulate and recommend opportunities to enhance community relations, pursue greater diversity and inclusion and investing in a culture of equity.
  • assists with the preparation of the Accessibility Plan, reviews site plans and promotes accessibility through publications.
  • the SADIE committee shall be comprised of nine (9) voting members of which at least five (5) members shall be persons with disabilities in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, section 29(3)
1 Member will be appointed from their organization to represent the MSIFN

Blackstock Recreation Advisory Committee

6 Citizen members

1 Council member

Community Grants Advisory Committee 

  • allocate community grants provided by the Township of Scugog in accordance with the Grants Fund Policy

6 Citizen members

1 Council member

Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)

  • advise on matters relating to the attraction and retention of business in Scugog
  • assist in fostering and promoting a positive community image, a viable community core, a strong tourism base and a healthy agricultural, manufacturing and business environment.

**All other members will be appointed through the recommendation of their organization(s)

1 Citizen member

1 Council member

1 Manufacturing Industry Sector

1 Real Estate Sector;

1 Accommodation Sector;

1 University of Ontario Institute of Technology or Durham College;

1 One Toronto Gaming

** 4 Organization members

Environmental and Climate Change Advisory Committee:

  • To provide a direct link to the Mayor and Council on the protection, enhancement restoration, and management of the local environment and guidance to Council regarding climate change adaption; and other areas of local concern as it relates to climate change and sustainable plans and policies
  • To develop a workplan with Council and Township Staff to promote awareness and the resolution of specific environmental issues including climate change; and
  • To link with Local, Provincial and National environmental organizations.

8 Citizen members

1 Council member 

Healthy Lake Scugog Steering Committee

  • Research short and long term solutions to the health, aesthetics, climate impact, weed growth, eutrophication and other contributors that impact the enjoyment, fisheries, recreational activities and events on the lake.
  • Design and implement the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project through the approved Memorandum of Understanding between the Township of Scugog, Kawartha Conservation Authority and the Scugog Lake Stewards Inc.

**Many Members of this committee will be appointed through their corresponding organizations as per the Committees Terms of Reference


If interested please contact for vacancy information 

Heritage Advisory Committee

  • promotes the preservation of buildings that have architectural and historical and cultural significance
  • Act as a resource to residents interested in conserving structures of historic and/or architectural interest or who have opted to designate their properties
  • review development applications and provide comments as to the applicant’s compliance with the Urban Design Guidelines;
  • Advise Council on means of conserving heritage properties and areas

6 Citizen members

1 Council member

Housing Advisory Committee:

  • Advocating for a variety of housing opportunities in terms of type, tenure, density and affordability to meet the needs of present and future residents;
  • Increasing general public awareness concerning housing needs and opportunities through educational initiatives;
  • The mandate of the Committee shall be to advise Council and support initiatives to ensure an appropriate range and mix of housing within the Township

6 Citizen members

1 Council member

1 member will be appointed from their organization to represent Community Living Durham North

Tourism Advisory Committee

  • The role of the Tourism Advisory Committee is to provide advice, comments and recommendations to Council on tourism services, activities and initiatives to promote the Township, including the Scugog Shores Museum and Heritage centre;
  • Committee members will work with Tourism Stakeholders and staff to further tourism-focused strategic goals and initiatives as set out by Council

**All other members will be appointed through the recommendation of their organization(s)

1 business owner or lake-based tourism operator

1 arts committee

3 citizen members

1 Council member

** 3 Organization members 

Hall Boards

Board Appointees

Caesarea Hall Board

To oversee and manage the operation of the Caesarea Community Hall, which is located at 3554 Regional Road 57, Caesarea

5 citizen members

Greenbank Hall Board

To oversee and manage the operation of the Greenbank Community Hall, which is located at 19965 ON-12, Greenbank

5 citizen members

Prince Albert Hall Board

To oversee and manage the operation of the Prince Albert Community Hall, which is located at 19 Jeffery Street, Prince Albert

5 citizen members

Scugog Island Hall Board

To oversee and manage the operation of the Scugog Island Community Hall, which is located at 2710 Demara Road, Port Perry

5 citizen members

Seagrave Hall Board

To oversee and manage the operation of the Seagrave Hall, which is located at 20 Cedar Ridge Dr, Seagrave

5 citizen members

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