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Scugog February eNewsletter

Lakefront Skate and Market Closed for the Season

2024 Meeting Schedule, Proclamations and Appointments

  • Planning and Community Affairs Committee: Monday, March 18 @ 6:30pm
  • Council Meeting: Monday, March 25 @ 6:30pm

For all Council & Committee schedules, minutes and agendas, please visit our Agendas and Minutes page. Comments/questions regarding agenda items can be directed to the department (contact us on, or to our general email: or call 905-985-7346.


Volunteer Opportunity for the 54th Annual Canoe the Nonquon

Canoe the Nonquon is an annual race that takes place on the first Saturday in June each year. This race was started by the Lake Scugog Historical Society as a fundraiser for the Scugog Shores Museum Village in 1970 and continues to support the Museum today! Canoe the Nonquon is sanctioned by the Ontario Marathon Canoe and Kayak Racing Association (OMCKRA). Volunteers are vital to the success of the Museum’s largest fundraiser. If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, contact us today!

Volunteer positions include:

  • Registration
  • Checkpoint volunteers (Start line, Robinglade Park, Finish line)
  • BBQ and merchandise
  • Announcer
  • Audio Visual
  • Safety coordinator
  • Safety boats
  • Photography
  • Set-up and take-down

Volunteer position descriptions:

Registration – Assist on Friday night registration (6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) and Saturday morning registration (7:00 am to 10:00 am). Volunteers will assist in directing participants.

Checkpoint –Checkpoint volunteers assist at the start line (Seagrave), Robinglade Park, and the finish line (Palmer Park). Checkpoint volunteers record boats as they enter, exit, and pass by the checkpoints. This information is communicated to Museum staff and the safety coordinator to ensure all participants are safe and accounted for. Volunteers also assist in answering questions and directing guests as necessary.

BBQ and Merchandise – Assist in selling items at the Museum BBQ in Palmer Park as well as selling Canoe the Nonquon Merchandise in the Latcham Centre.

Announcer –Announce boat numbers as they reach the finish line and provide announcements in Palmer Park.

Audio Visual –Assist in setting up Audio Visual equipment and troubleshoot as necessary. Equipment includes announcer sound system, setup of Race Operations screens, setup of projector, etc.

Safety Coordinator –Communicate with radio operators, staff, safety boats, and emergency services (first aid team and volunteer firefighter boat) to ensure the safety of participants. The main job is to ensure each participant boat is accounted for.

***Safety Boats*** – Do you own a boat and are able to volunteer for the day? This is our most needed volunteer position! As a safety boat volunteer, you will provide your own boat and spend the day on the lake as you monitor participants while staying in contact with the safety coordinator. Participants will be monitored for any unexpected exits or signs of distress. Volunteer firefighters are on the lake with you in case of participant distress.

Photography – Do you have a love for photography and experience with sport and nature photographs? Photographers are needed for action shots of the race as well as at the awards ceremony.

Set-up and take-down – Assist in set-up and take-down of the event including setting out chairs for the award ceremony, taking down chairs and tables in the Latcham Centre, and assisting in setting up stations in Palmer Park (ex. First aid station, BBQ station, finish line).

Become a Volunteer

To become a volunteer please contact us at call 905-982-2404, or visit our Canoe the Nonquon page to complete a volunteer application.


Have Your Voice Heard at Durham Region Transit's Public Information Centres

Join Durham Region Transit (DRT) at it’s annual Public Information Centres (PICs). Starting March 18, 2024, DRT will be hosting its annual PICs across Durham Region. DRT’s service design team will be onsite to answer questions and inform the public on their transit network, planning process and the future of public transit service in Durham. Attendees are welcome to ask questions, share their thoughts and provide insight into the customer experience.

For more information on locations, times and dates, visit DRT's Public Information Centres page.


Township Implements a New Online Permit Platform to Improve the Process for Road-Related Permits

The Township of Scugog has moved to a NEW online permit platform called Permit Central powered by Transnomis.

This new process will simplify getting road-related permits in the Township of Scugog. This new platform allows for simple revision and communication with the applicant directly in the platform, as well as online payment options.

Residents and businesses can now apply for permits, including Event in Right of Way, Municipal Consents, Work in Right-of-Way (Formerly Road Occupancy Permit, including seasonal patios), Oversize/Overweight (including Half Load Exemption) through the Permit Central platform.

The Township regulates work that occurs on or below municipal roads, sidewalks, and boulevards. A Right-of-Way permit approval will be required prior to the start of work.

Examples of work activities on the Township’s Right-of Way that require a permit includeentrance/driveway installation or modification, water or sewer connection to existing services, utility installation (with a Municipal Consent), oversize/overweight loads, utility repair and events. 

For more information about the Township of Scugog Road permits, visit our Road Permits page or contact our Public Works Department at or call 905-985-7346 ext 112. 

To create a Permit Central account, visit the Transnomis Portal.

April 23: Tax Due Date

The next 2023 tax installment due date is fast approaching. Bills have been sent through Canada Post Monday, January 22. The first payment was due February 23 and the second April 23.

Payments can be made at the Municipal Office (181 Perry St.), via online/telephone banking, or at your financial institution. The Township of Scugog also offers a monthly or installment-based pre authorized payment plan to ensure payments are received on time.

Under the Township of Scugog By-laws, late payment charges of 1.25% are applicable after the noted due dates, along with a $6.00 fee for reminder notices.

Want to go paperless? The Township of Scugog is now offering eSend. To receive your property tax billing and notice information via email, please complete our E-Send Application or the Municipal Office to complete the authorization form.


New Kent Farndale Gallery Exhibit

The Kent Farndale Gallery is pleased to present the upcoming exhibit “Spontaneous Strokes” by Cai Kui. The Opening Reception was held Saturday, February 17, and the show will run until March 21, 2024, in the Kent Farndale Gallery in the Scugog Memorial Public Library at 231 Water Street in Port Perry.

The Kent Farndale Gallery is open 7 days a week during library hours. Please call 905-985-7686 for more information.


Public Notices

Notice of Public Meeting Regarding Development Charges

Take notice that on Monday, March 25th, 2024, the Council of the Township of Scugog will hold a public meeting pursuant to The Development Charges Act, 1997, regarding proposed development charge rates and policies that will be applied throughout the Township. It is proposed that enactment of a development charges by-law by Council would occur on a date subsequent to the public meeting.

Development charges are levied against new development, and are a primary source of funding for growth-related capital expenditures. The 2024 Development Charges Background Study relates to the provision of all eligible DC Services (i.e. Library, Parks and Recreation, Fire Services, By-law Enforcement & Court Services, Development Related Studies, and Services Related to a Highway: Public Works (Building & Fleet) and Roads and Related).

Council is required under The Development Charges Act, 1997, to hold at least one public meeting to allow the public the opportunity to review and provide comments on the 2024 Development Charges Background Study, related staff reports and the proposed development charges by-law.

All interested parties are invited to attend the public meeting:

  • Date: Monday, March 25, 2024
  • Time: 6:30 PM
  • Location: Council Chambers, Township Hall, Port Perry, 181 Perry Street, ON

A second public meeting will also be taking place. The details for that meeting are as follows:

  • Date: Monday, April 15, 2024
  • Time: 6:30 PM
  • Location: Council Chambers, Township Hall, Port Perry, 181 Perry Street, ON

Any person may attend the public meeting and make written or verbal representation either in support of or in opposition to the by-law. Written submissions are invited and should be directed to Laura Barta, no later than 12:00 PM on Tuesday, March 19, 2024.  Written comments received prior to the meeting and submissions made at the public meeting will be considered by Council prior to the enactment of a new development charges by-law.

Technical inquiries should be directed to Laura Barta, at (905) 985-7346 ext.109 or

A copy of the 2024 Development Charges Background Study was made available on Thursday, February 22, 2024. A copy of the development charges by-law will be made available on Township’s website on or before Monday March 11, 2024.

DATED AT the Township of Scugog this 4th day of March, 2024.

Ralph Walton, Municipal Clerk 


Vehicle Weight Restrictions, 2024 Season

Due to mild weather conditions, vehicle weight restrictions for Township of Scugog roads will be in place starting Friday February 9, 2024, and will be in effect until approximately May 31, 2024 (tentatively). Weather conditions will determine the actual end to the enforcement season.

Vehicle loads are restricted to a maximum of FIVE TONNES per axle, in accordance with the Township of Scugog Traffic By-law.  

For additional information about weight restrictions contact:

905-985-7346 ext. 112


Water Street Rehabilitation Set to Start August 2024

The Township plans to start the rehabilitation of Water Street (from Scugog Street to Queen Street) on August 12, 2024. The scope of work for the Water Street project will include:

  • Removing the existing asphalt
  • Repairing the granular base
  • Repairing the sidewalk and curb
  • Repaving the road
  • Constructing a new sidewalk on the east side between Mary Street and Queen Street
  • Converting the angled parking to parallel parking to make space for the new sidewalk

During construction vehicle and pedestrian access will be maintained to all businesses and parking lots, whenever possible. There may be short periods of time when vehicle access is not available.

Construction is expected to begin the first week of August 2024 and be completed by the end of November 2024.

We thank you for your patience during the construction. We understand that the work is disruptive and we will make every effort to complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For general roads inquiries please email  

To report an issue after hours, please call 905-434-2173.


Winter Road and Sidewalk Maintenance

With the recent winter weather, it is a great time to share some information about how the Township provides road maintenance during and after storms.

The Township of Scugog provides winter maintenance for 826 lane kilometers of road.  Most of the service is provided by a day shift that works 7:00 am to 3:30 pm but usually begins work at 4:00 am when there is a winter weather event. There are 15 operators working on the day shift and each is assigned a plow route. The timing to complete a salting/sanding operation is 5 to 6 hours. The timing to complete a full plowing operation is 8 to 12 hours depending on the amount of snow. There is also an evening shift with two operators that patrol the roads and treat the high priority roads. These staff work from 6:30 pm to 3:00 am. On weekends and holidays, roads are patrolled by two part-time staff and when necessary, operators are called in to work to plow or sand/salt roads.

The Township of Scugog also clears select sidewalks within the community. The standard level of service for sanding/plowing is at least once within 24 hours after a typical winter storm event. You can view the sidewalks that the Township clears through our Sidewalk Plow Routes document; any sidewalks not included in this route are up to the property owner to clear. Service levels for sidewalks will also be enhanced this year to include plowing for the sidewalks beside Palmer Park as well as the new Lakefront Skate and Market.

For safety reasons, it is important when clearing sidewalks not to place the snow/ice immediately beside or blocking access to a fire hydrant, anywhere that would block drainage to any catchbasin, ditch, or culvert, or on the roads. You can also help keep sidewalks clear of ice and snow by parking vehicles away from sidewalks, removing items or structures close to the sidewalk (e.g. planters, bins, etc.), and blowing or pushing snow onto your own property and not on the sidewalk or road.

While every winter storm is different, during a winter snow event our crews will plow roads during the day and evenings and then after the snow has stopped, crews will come in the next morning at 4:00 am to clear all roads.

More information can be found in our Facts About Winter Road Maintenance in Scugog news article.


Gravel Road Maintenance

The Township of Scugog is responsible for the maintenance of 192 km of gravel roads. Full re-grading of our roads occurs twice a year, once in late May/ early June when the frost comes out of the ground and then again in late October/ early November before the frost sets in.

The condition of gravel roads this time of year depends mostly on the weather. Unfortunately, this year’s mild temperatures and wet conditions in November and December have caused problems on some of our roads. As a result, staff have been out completing minor surface repairs to minimize further disruption to the gravel surface. However, we need to be careful as too many touch ups on our roads will create further damage by depleting the gravel. Continued mild temperatures will cause more rutting on our roads as vehicles pass by.  Staff can only provide further touch ups when the weather conditions allow. 

As always, we ask residents for their patience this time of year as we schedule work based on the weather conditions. 

On a positive note, the continued increased investments in the rehabilitation of Township roads, especially gravel roads, is showing good results. In 2022, the Township invested $1,000,000 on the resurfacing of 26 km of gravel roads. And in the past 5 years, a total of $4.2 million has been put towards resurfacing 115 km of gravel roads. This means that 60% of our gravel roads have been improved in the last 5 years.

Additional information on Road Maintenance is available on the Township’s ‘Road Maintenance’ page, by emailing or calling 905-985-7346 Ext. 112.


Winter Parking

Reminder that there is NO parking on Township Roads between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. Until April 15.


Employment Opportunities

The following employment opportunities are available with the Township of Scugog!

  • Capital Projects Technologist (Temporary, Full-Time)
  • Various Summer Student Positions

Information about Township of Scugog employment opportunities can be found on our Current Opportunities page.

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