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Road Permits

Road permits are required for a number of different activities. 

Entrance Permits

Entrance Permits are required to create a new entrance to your property or modify an existing entrance. Entrance permits are commonly required for the following activities:

  • New Entrance/Modify/Move Entrance – often required for new construction or providing a second entrance to a property where it is permitted.
  • Culvert Widening – requested when widening an existing entrance to a property.
  • Curb Cut - requested when widening an existing entrance or creating a new entrance in an urban area with curb and gutter.

No person shall construct or make improvements to any driveway, laneway, or other form of access to either public or private property without first obtaining an Entrance Permit.

Entrances shall be installed by the Township at the applicant’s expense, to the specifications outlined on the permit and in accordance with the Township’s Design Criteria and Standard Detail Drawings.

To apply for a new culvert or an extension to your existing culvert, please submit your application online through Permit Central.  Fees associated with Entrance Permits can be found in Schedule E of the Fees and Charges Bylaw.  

A Municipal Consent is the authorization for a utility company to occupy a specific location within the Township’s rights-of-way.  The Township has standard alignments and corridors to avoid conflicts in the planning of projects occupying the Township’s rights-of-way and to minimize the impact of proposed work on the adjacent infrastructure. Municipal Consents are only issued to utility companies, commissions, agencies and private applicants who have the authority to construct, operate and maintain their infrastructure within the right-of-way as established through legislation, a Municipal Access Agreement (MAA) or a Franchise Agreement.

When do I need a Municipal Consent?

All utility work, with a few exceptions, within rights-of-way requires Municipal Consent (MC) from the Township and a Road Occupancy Permit (ROP) with the exception of Emergency Works. An ROP for utility works will not be granted until MC is granted by the Township.

How do I apply?

Applications for Municipal Consent must be submitted online through Permit Central.

An application for a Municipal Consent shall be made in the name of the Utility to be installed, not in the name of an agent of said Utility.
Other information may be requested in order to process an application.

The application may be forwarded to additional staff for review.

How much does a Municipal Consent cost?

Municipal Consent fees are listed in our Fees and Charges Bylaw under Schedule E.

How long is the Municipal Consent valid?

An approved Municipal Consent is valid for a one year period from the date of issuance.  If the work is not completed in its entirety within the one year period, the Applicant must reapply for consent to locate the remaining work within the right-of-way.

According to the Road Occupancy By-law, you must apply for a Road Occupancy Permit before you can begin any planned activity that may cause a road allowance to be blocked in any way, including:

  • Restricting access
  • Disrupting traffic flow (vehicles or pedestrians)
  • Placing materials within the road allowance
  • Seasonal Patios

A road allowance is property under the jurisdiction of the Township of Scugog, including roadways, boulevards, sidewalks and ditches. 

Common activities

Common activities that require a Road Occupancy Permit include:

  • Storing construction equipment or materials within the road allowance for a short period of time
  • Mounting or crossing the boulevard to gain access to a work site where there is not an existing entrance or driveway
  • Installing underground utilities
  • Workers or equipment occupying the road to support construction or other activities
  • Obstructing the sidewalk, disrupting pedestrian traffic
  • Seasonal Patios

 Applying for a Road Occupancy Permit

Complete the Road Occupancy Permit Application and submit it at least 60 days before the planned work begins. This is also required for Road Occupancy for Special Events.

Applicants doing any excavation must also call for a locate through ON1Call before they can apply for a permit. Locates determine where your utility lines are so you don't cause any damage to them when digging on your property.

Applying for a Seasonal Patio Permit

Complete the Road Occupancy Permit Application and submit it at least 60 days before the planned work begins.

The application must also be submitted with the proposed patio plans that meet the requirements of the Seasonal Patio Standards and Section 8 of the Road Occupancy By-law. The application will not be considered complete until all requirements of the By-law and Standards have been met.

Applicants wishing to serve alcohol on their patio will be required to obtain the appropriate permits and approvals from the AGCO.


Fees and Charges Schedule E

Why do I need a permit?

Road allowances are shared spaces used to deliver services to residents and allow efficient, uninterrupted access to every property within the Township of Scugog. Requiring a permit for road occupancy allows the Township to:

  • Confirm the necessity of each disturbance to road allowance traffic
  • Ensure road occupancy is carried out in a safe and efficient manner
  • Coordinate activities to reduce the impact on the public
  • Ensure Township property is protected from damage

An oversize/overweight permit is required for any vehicles travelling on Township roads when the dimensions or weight of a vehicle(s) exceeds the normal limits permitted by legislation.  

You can find the application for an Oversize/Overweight permit on Permit Central. 

Fees for this permit can be found in Schedule E of our Fees and Charges By-Law.

A parking lot permit is required to close a municipal parking lot for exclusive use for an event.  A completed parking lot permit application, copy of insurance and the current fee is required prior to approval.  

Obtain a Parking Lot Permit by contacting 

Fees can be found in Schedule E of our Fees and Charges By-Law.

A half load exemption permit is required during Weight Restriction season if a vehicle wishes to travel on any roads that are under restriction. The Township of Scugog by-law allows us to enforce weight restrictions between February 1 and May 31 yearly.  The actual enforcement dates will vary based on the weather.

A Oversize/Overweight Permit is required as well as a $260 application fee.  A road bond may be required at the discretion of the Manager of Public Works and Infrastructure Services depending on the current state and condition of the road being requested to be travelled on.

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