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Crossing Guards

CROSSING GUARD APPRECIATION WEEK June 3-7, 2024 - stay tuned for more details. 

Crossing guards play an important role in our community, helping children safely cross busy streets. 

How you can help Crossing Guards get our children home safely!

As a driver please: 

  • SLOW DOWN in school zones and watch for guards and children 
  • STOP when a Crossing Guard raises their stop sign 
  • STAY STOPPED until all children and the Crossing Guard are safely off the road 
  • ONLY PARK where permitted, do not park in no stopping and no parking zones  
Three Whistle System 

Crossing Guards in Scugog use the Three Whistle System. 

First Whistle (1 long whistle): Means drivers need to stop and children should wait at the curb. The Crossing Guard will enter the street and hold up their stop sign.  

Second Whistle (2 short whistles): Means children should now cross the road. 

Third Whistle (1 long whistle): Means the children have safely crossed the road and the guard is off the road. Drivers may continue now. 

Crossing Guard Locations 

The Township hires Crossing Guards at 12 locations in Port Perry, Prince Albert and Blackstock. Due to a shortage of Crossing Guards, some locations may not be covered if the guard is absent, and another guard is not available. Please follow the Township’s social media for updates. 

School Crossing Location Map 

How to Be a Crossing Guard 

We are always looking for new regular and spare Crossing Guards. If you are interested, please contact Public Works and Infrastructure Services at or 905-985-7346 Ext. 112. 

Alternately you can review our job postings on our Careers and Volunteering page.  

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