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Snowplowing and Winter Operations

The Township of Scugog provides winter maintenance for 826 lane kilometers of road.  Most of the service is provided by a day shift that works 7:00 am to 3:30 pm but usually begins work at 4:00 am when there is a winter weather event.  There are 15 operators working on the day shift and each are assigned a plow route.  The timing to complete a salting/ sanding operation take 5 to 6 hours to complete.  The timing to complete a full plowing operation is 8 to 12 hours depending the amount of snow. There is also an evening shift with two operators that patrol the roads and treat the high priority roads.  These staff work from 6:00 pm to 2:30 am. On weekends and holidays, roads are patrolled by two part-time staff and when necessary, operators are called in to work to plow or sand/ salt roads.   

While every winter storm is different, during a winter snow event our crews will plow roads during the day and evenings and then after the snow has stopped, crews will come in the next morning at 4:00 am to clear all roads.   

The Township follows and usually exceeds the Minimum Maintenance Standards regulation that requires services levels as shown below.   

Scugog Road Priority Road Type Time to Clear Snow
Priority 1 Class 3 Roads, Arterial Roads and EMS Locations  12 hours from when the snow reaches 8 cm depth 
Priority 2 Class 4 Roads, Collector Roads and Designated Bus Routes  16 hours from when the snow reaches 8 cm depth 
Priority 3 Class 5 and 6 Roads and Local Roads  24 hours from when the snow reaches10 cm depth 
Roads Maintained by Others 

Some of the roads within the Township are maintained by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation or the Region of Durham. To find out who maintains each road go to Whose Road Is It? 

Transit shelters and super mailboxes 

The Region of Durham is responsible for clearing snow at bus shelters and bus stops. Please contact the Durham Region Transit at 905-579-2471 for more information about transit. 

Canada Post is responsible for clearing snow away from super mailbox areas. 
Please contact Canada Post at 905-985-2823 (Port Perry) or 1-705-357-3195 (Sunderland).

Additional Information

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