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Emergency Management

Worldwide, disasters and emergencies are occurring more frequently and often with greater impact on lives and property. Our Emergency Management program helps to ensure that the Municipality is prepared to respond to all disasters and emergencies.

Municipal Coordinator

Fire Chief, Mark Berney, is the Township of Scugog's Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC). He manages our municipal emergency program.

Municipal Control Group

The Township of Scugog also has a Municipal Control Group (MCG) made up of Township senior management staff. 

Our program

According to the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, our emergency management programs must include plans for:

  • Mitigation and prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery

Mitigation and prevention

We need to include plans to reduce the risk of emergencies in the future or prevent them from happening again.


Plans for emergency preparedness include actions we can take to ensure effective response during an emergency event in the community.


Plans for effective response during an emergency include tasks and actions to manage the community until an emergency event comes to an end.


Recovery plans include actions to repair any damage after an emergency or disaster and to return normal activities and conditions to the community.

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