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Business Toolkit

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The Scugog Advantage 

Starting or Expanding Your Business

Those looking to register a business in the Province of Ontario are encouraged to reach out to the Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD) as there are many variables to consider when choosing how to structure a business and how to get it registered with the appropriate levels of government.

BACD's business advisors can be contacted by emailing or by calling 905-668-4949.


Explore key sites available for purchase or lease in Port Perry’s business park, downtown and commercial centre.

If the establishment or expansion of your business in the Township of Scugog involves any new development or construction, applicants are encouraged to review the Township's Planning webpage.  A pre-consultation meeting should be arranged prior to submitting any planning applications. 

Learn about Scugog’s building permit process and begin your application online. 

Discover municipal and regional development charges rates for your type and size of the project. 

Note: Both municipal and regional development charges apply

Find out whether any of the Township of Scugog's Community Improvement Plan (CIP) incentives apply to your project. 


Some types of businesses require a licence or permit to operate in the Township of Scugog. Learn more by visiting the Business Applications, Licences and Permits webpage.

Other types of licences and permits that may be applicable to business owners in the Township of Scugog include, but are not limited to: 

Certain types of businesses require on-site inspections from Durham Region public health inspectors. Learn about public health inspection programs that may affect your business.

If you plan to operate any of the types of businesses listed here, please contact the Durham Region Health Department (DRHD) to learn more about any public health requirements pertaining to your business.



Those currently operating or looking to start a home-based business within the Township of Scugog should review Zoning By-law 14-14, specifically pages 81-84 referring to Home Industry and Home Occupation, to ensure they are operating in accordance with these regulations.

Home-based Food Premises

Operators are required to notify the Durham Region Health Department (DRHD) when opening a Home-based Food Premises (HBFP) within the Region. All food premises, including HBFPs, are subject to the requirements of the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA), the Ontario Food Premises Regulation and inspections by a DRHD public health inspector.

The Durham Region Health Department’s Home-Based Food Premises Info Sheet can help operators determine if their HBFP is suitable for operation.

Business Directory

Count your home-based business in and grow your exposure by completing the Durham Region Business Count and opting-in to having your business listed on the Durham Region Business Directory . 

Agricultural businesses bring vibrancy to our rural landscape and support our local economy. For resources related to starting or expanding your agricultural business, please review the following links and connect with

  • Farm Business Registration - Register your farm business with Agricorp.

  • To understand the types of activities that are supported by the province on agricultural lands, including On-farm Diversified Uses and Agricultural-Related Uses, review the Guidelines on Permitted Uses in Ontario's Prime Agriculture Areas report.
  • To learn more about diversified agriculture best practices from a municipal approval point of view, review the Best Practices for On-Farm Diversified Uses report.

  • If the establishment or expansion of your agricultural business in the Township of Scugog involves any new development or construction, including an On-farm Diversified Use or Agricultural-Related Use, applicants are encouraged to review the Township’s Planning webpage to ensure the use is permitted. A pre-consultation meeting should be arranged prior to submitting any planning applications.

Durham Region’s entrepreneurship resources can help take your business to the next level. 

Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD) 

Durham Region entrepreneurs can take advantage of BACD’s free business support programming as they start or grow their business. From online or in-person workshops, one-on-one sessions or specialized programming, BACD has helped launch more than 1,700 local businesses and counting. 

Georgina Association for Business (GAB) 

Businesses located in the Township of Scugog who are looking for capital to assist with business expansion, the purchase of new assets, the purchase of an existing business or to start-up a new business are encouraged to explore business financing options through the GAB. Approved businesses may receive business loans up to $400,000 in value. 

Spark Centre Innovation Hub & Business Incubator 

Durham Region’s business incubator provides advisory services, office space and day-to-day operational support to early-stage and rapidly growing innovation and technology companies. 

DNA Angels 

Durham’s Neighbourhood Association (DNA) of Angel Investors is a group of investors whose focus is to enable high-potential entrepreneurs, with innovative, scalable ideas to receive the investment they need to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams in Durham Region.

1855 Whitby 

Located in the former provincial Land Registry Office in Whitby, 1855 Whitby is Durham Region’s first and only technology accelerator whose mission is to position high-potential tech companies for the global stage. 

Brilliant Catalyst at Ontario Tech University 

Open to all Ontario Tech students, faculty, recent alumni and staff, Brilliant Catalyst offers a range of programs that help founders turn their innovative ideas into successful ventures. 

FastStart at Durham College 

Open to all Durham College students, FastStart is designed to help entrepreneurial students develop and launch their own business while studying at DC. 

Starter Company Plus Program

The Starter Company Plus Program is designed to help early-stage business owners grow their business by providing them with knowledge, training, mentorship, and an opportunity to receive up to $5,000 in seed grant funding to help kick off or expand their business venture.

To request Mayor attendance at your business opening or ribbon cutting, please email Jenn Churchill at

Operating Your Business

Post Secondary Talent

Durham Region is fortunate enough to be home to three world-class post-secondary institutions educating students in a wide variety of in-demand fields. Explore how your business can Tap into Talent.

Diversity in the Workplace 

Review the Durham Region Employer Playbook for tips on how to effectively recruit, hire, onboard and integrate newcomers into your business. 

Community Employment Services

Connect with the local Employment Ontario office for help getting your job postings filled! 

There are several public transit options available in the Township of Scugog that can help employees commute to and from their place of work.

Durham Region Transit – Scheduled Service

Durham Region Transit (DRT) Route 905 operates between the Whitby GO Station and Uxbridge making stops throughout Port Perry. See the full route schedule for more information.

Durham Region Transit – On Demand

On Demand is a flexible service that provides customers public transit options in areas of Durham Region where demand does not support scheduled bus service. In the Township of Scugog outside Port Perry, customers will be picked up and dropped off at the end of the driveway of their point of origin and destination.

If travelling to a larger community such as Port Perry or Uxbridge, customers will be picked up and dropped off at designated bus stops within the town.

On Demand can also be used to transfer onto Durham Region Transit Route 905 in Port Perry or Uxbridge to continue into the urban area of Durham Region, or to connect to GO Train services at Whitby Station.

Learn more about On Demand service by reviewing the following resources:


Shopping locally has never been more important – or easier! Take part in region-wide shop local initiatives. 

Led by Durham OneNet Inc., work is being done to build a Regional Broadband Network (RBN) consisting of 700 kilometres of fibre-optic backbone that will connect Durham Region’s rural communities to high-speed internet.

Similar to a highway network, this backbone will bring high-speed fibre-optic connectivity into our rural communities, providing “off-ramps” that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can leverage and build high-quality last mile networks delivering fast, reliable and affordable internet services.

See whether service is currently available at your business address through any of North Durham’s operating Internet Service Providers (ISP’s):

Learn more about the progress being made on the Regional Broadband Network!

Connect with your local or regional business support organization to be seen, heard and supported in the Township of Scugog.

Connect with Us! 

Still have questions? Connect with us and we’ll be happy to chat!

Glen Macfarlane
Rural Economic Development Specialist 
Invest Durham (Region of Durham) 

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