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Planning and Development

Planning on submitting a planning application in 2024?  Note that all planning application fees increase by 3.1%, effective January 1, 2024.

The Planning division of the Township of Scugog manage planning matters, including:

Prior to the submission of an Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law, Subdivision, Condominium or Site Plan Control application, the applicant must complete a multi-stage consultation with the Township of Scugog in accordance with Pre-consultation By-law 34-2008. Early consultation can result in the identification of matters that will significantly assist in the processing of the application including a determination whether other applications are required and identification of plans, studies and documents required for a complete application. 

Prior to submitting a pre-consultation request, it is highly recommended that you contact Planning Services for initial discussion including the identification of current zoning and of potential road widening requirements. This will assist you in preparing a preliminary plan. Please contact

To request a pre-consultation, complete the form and include a cover letter and a preliminary site plan. If available, please include preliminary elevation drawings or any other preliminary plans necessary to describe the development proposal. 

Upon receipt of a complete pre-consultation request, a planner will be assigned and will electronically circulate the drawing package to a number of agencies and departments for comments. Depending on the nature of the proposal a meeting may be arranged with you and commenting agencies to discuss the proposal.  A comment package will be compiled and provided to you electronically. The comments will identify plans, reports, materials and other information required for a complete application.  

A planning application submitted to the Township prior to completion of the pre-consultation process will not be considered a complete application under the Planning Act and Section 9.4 of the Scugog Official Plan. 

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