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Book an Inspection

It is the responsibility of the person to whom the permit has been issued to let the Building department know when they are ready for an inspection. A number of inspections at different stages of construction are required by the Ontario Building Code. 

All inspection requests are to be scheduled through the Cloudpermit Portal.  Log into Cloudpermit and request the required inspection in the building permit workspace.   

We understand that not everyone has access to or are well-versed in the online sphere, so traditional processes for paper applications and in-person payments will still be available at the Township Office should you prefer that method.  Please contact the Building Department at 905-985-7346 ext. 169 or 

Required Inspections

The following is a list of inspections that are required by the Ontario Building Code and when these inspections should be completed.

  • Commencement of the construction of the building

  • Readiness to construct the footings

  • Substantial completion of the footings and foundations

Where the building is within the scope of Part 9, the substantial completion of:

  • Structural framing
  • Insulation and vapour barriers
  • Ductwork and piping for heating and air-conditioning systems

Where the building is within the scope of parts of the code other than Part 9, the substantial completion of: 

  • Structural framing of each storey 
  • Insulation and vapour barriers 
  • Roughing-in of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and air-contaminant extraction equipmen

Commencement of construction of: 

  • Masonry fireplaces and masonry chimneys 
  • Factory-built fireplaces and allied chimneys 
  • Stoves, ranges, space heaters and add-on furnaces using solid fuels and allied chimneys 

Substantial completion of: 

  • All required fire separations and closures 
  • All fire protection systems including standpipe, sprinkler, fire alarm and emergency lighting systems

The substantial completion of: 

  • Interior finishes 
  • Heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and air-contaminant extraction equipment 

The substantial completion of: 

  • Exterior cladding 
  • Fire access routes 
  • Site grading

The completion of construction and installation of the minimum components required to permit occupancy, 

according to Sentences and of the Ontario Building Code.

The readiness for inspection and testing of: 

  • Building sewers 
  • Building drains 
  • Water service pipes 
  • Drainage systems and venting systems 
  • Water distribution system 
  • Plumbing fixtures and plumbing appliances

You will also be required to provide completion and availability of drawings of the building as constructed.

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