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Committee of Adjustment

The Township of Scugog's Committee of Adjustment reviews applications for minor variances to the Township's Zoning By-law. The Committee of Adjustment includes four Council-appointed citizens. 

What is a minor variance? 

Minor variances involve a minor change to the Zoning By-law for a specific property. The Committee of Adjustment evaluates each application on a site-by-site basis and considers the following: 

  1. Does the proposed variance maintain the general purpose of the Township of Scugog's Official Plan and the Zoning By-law? 
  2. Will the proposed development be appropriate for the site? 
  3. Is the proposed variance minor? 

Apply for a minor variance 

To apply for a minor variance, complete the Minor Variance Guide and Application and submit it to the Planning department

Major variances and other changes 

To apply for a major variance or any other change to the Zoning By-law not handled by the Committee of Adjustment, you must complete the Zoning By-law Amendment Guide and Application

Legal non-conforming uses 

The Committee also reviews applications for extensions, enlargements, or variations for legal non-conforming uses. Legal non-conforming uses are not recognized in the current Zoning By-law but legally existed on the day the Zoning By-law was passed. 

A legal non-conforming use should not continue on a long-term basis. A use that conforms to the Zoning By-law and the Official Plan should eventually replace any non-confirming uses of a property. 

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