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Sign Permits

Approval is required from the Township of Scugog in order to erect temporary or permanent signs. This applies to businesses and residents. In some cases, a building permit is required in addition to a sign permit. 

Rules and Regulations

Township Building Inspectors will review the proposed design and location of all signs to ensure they meet the rules and regulations of the  Ontario Building Code and the Sign By-law

The Township of Scugog is pleased to offer residents, contractors, and the business community CouldPermit - an online system to apply for and track your Sign applications and permits. Current active permits and new e-permits will be prioritized and reviewed based on the order of submission. Please do not start a new application if you have one in progress as they are following the current priority process. Please be patient while we make these improvements to serve you better. 

Step 1: Start creating a new application by clicking the button 'Create your first application'. 

Step 2: Invite other necessary parties, such as the property owner or contractor. 

Step 3: Complete your application, and upload all required documents. 

Step 4: Verify, Sign and Submit for review. 

Step 5: Once the completed application is received you will be invoiced and pay the fees either online or over-the-counter. 

Step 6: Revise the application based on the feedback from the Township of Scugog. 

Step 7: Watch for follow-up emails to make sure the process keeps going. 

If you plan to apply for a Heritage permit through Cloudpermit, online:

Step 1:Register

Step 2: Login with your email address

Step 3: Read the Instructional Screenshots –'How to submit a Sign Permit application through Cloudpermit.'

Sign Variance 

If your requested sign does not comply with our Sign By-law, an application for a sign variance will be required. The variance request should include:

  • A completed Sign Variance Application form 
  • $400 application fee 
  • Detailed drawings and description of your planned signage 
  • A site plan, including a north arrow, drawing scale, and location of the sign 

Our by-law officers and/or building inspectors may need more information once they receive your application. 

Signs within the Heritage Conservation District 

The Heritage and Museum Advisory Committee reviews sign permits for: 

  • New signs and sign copy within the Heritage Conservation District 
  • Alterations to existing signs within the Heritage Conservation District 

The Township of Scugog Heritage Conservation District Sign Design Guidelines will assist you in designing your sign to be sure it complies with the Sign By-law 40-15. 

View the Heritage Sign Permit Guide and Application for more information. 

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