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Site Alteration

Site alterations in the Township of Scugog must meet the regulations of the Site Alteration By-Law. Site alterations involve: 

  • The placing or dumping of fill 
  • The removal of topsoil or fill from land 
  • The alteration of the grade of land 
  • Any combination of these activities 

The Site Alteration By-law regulates the dumping or placing of fill and any other site alteration to: 

  • Maintain existing drainage patterns 
  • Prevent erosion and sedimentation 
  • Protect natural heritage features and areas through appropriate changes to drainage or grade 
  • Prevent interference and damage to watercourses or water bodies 
  • Maintain ground water and surface water quality 
  • Prevent discharge of a contaminant into the natural environment that causes or may cause an adverse effect 
  • Prevent degradation of pre-existing soil and ground water quality conditions at the site and on adjacent properties 
  • Authorize haul routes for the transportation of fill and topsoil for placement, dumping or removal to and/or from a site to minimize damage to the Township' s roads and interference and/or disturbance to the Township's residents and businesses 
  • Keep disturbance to landform characteristics to a minimum 
  • Ensure the proponent of the site alteration project pays for its costs 
Apply for a Permit 

Complete the Site Alteration Permit Application to apply for a permit. There may be additional information required. 

Fees and Charges 

View our current Schedule C of Fees and Charges to determine costs of a site alteration. 

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