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Fence, Pool and Hot Tub Permits

The Township of Scugog's Swimming Pool By-law requires you to obtain a Pool and Hot Tub Permit, if you want to put in a pool or hot tub on your property. 

Apply for a permit 

Complete the online Cloudpermit Pool and Hot Tub Application to apply for a permit to install a swimming pool (above or below ground) or a hot tub. A permit costs $332 plus cost of any additional external contractor (at cost plus 25% administrative fees) if a grading plan is required.   

You also need to include a site plan for the location of the pool, pump and filter, including setbacks from the house, property lines and fencing. 

Note: If you reside in an unassumed subdivision, please speak to your builder prior to submitting your application.  The Township requires a final lot grading certificate, a letter of approval from your builder, and a Pool Permits Agreement (to be placed on title) before we will issue a permit for an inground or on-ground pool. 

The Township of Scugog is pleased to offer residents, contractors, and the business community Cloudpermit - an online system to apply for and track your pool or hot tub enclosure applications and permits. Current active permits and new e-permits will be prioritized and reviewed based on the order of submission. Please do not start a new application if you have one in progress as they are following the current priority process. Please be patient while we make these improvements to serve you better. 

Step 1: Start creating a new application by clicking the button 'Create your first application'. Note: Make sure you that you always remain on the Township of Scugog for location.

Step 2: Invite other necessary parties, such as property owner or contractor. 

Step 3: Complete your application, upload all required documents. 

Step 4: Verify, Sign and Submit for review. 

Step 5: Once the completed application is received you will be invoiced and pay the fees either online or over-the-counter. 

Step 6: Revise the application based on the feedback from the Township of Scugog. 

Step 7: Watch for follow up emails to make sure the process keeps going. 

If you plan to apply for a pool enclosure permit through Cloudpermit, online: 

  1. Register
  2. Login with your email address
  3. Watch the Instructional video - How to Submit a Swimming Pool Enclosure Permit Application
  4. Read the Instructional Screen shots – ‘How to Submit a Swimming Pool Enclosure Permit Application’ through Cloudpermit 

Your swimming pool must be inspected before you can fill it with water. Call the By-law Enforcement Office at 905-985-7346 Ext. 142 to book an inspection. 

After April 8, to book an inspection please log into Cloudpermit and follow the instructions.  Please read the instructional screen shots – ‘How to book a building inspection’ through Cloudpermit. 

Fences and Gates 

All swimming pools must be surrounded by a fence at least 1.5 metres high. The fence can be made of wood, metal or chain link. Your above ground pool may not need a fence if the walls are more than 1.5 metres above grade and don't allow climbing. 

All gates must be at least 1.5 metres high and have substantial hinges. Gates around pool areas must also have self-closing and self-latching devices at the top and on the inside of the gate. The level of safety of your gate is reviewed during your inspection.  Please refer to the Swimming Pool Enclosure By-Law for more detailed information. 

Hot Tubs 

Hot tubs have the same permit requirements as a swimming pool and use the same permit application (see above). Hot tubs must have a solid cover that can support up to 90.7 kg of pressure. Covers must also have a lock. Alternatively, fencing/enclosures equal to swimming pool requirements are necessary.  

Electrical Standards 

Ontario's Electrical Safety Code requires an electrical inspection of all new installations and maintenance work on the pools and hot tubs. The licensed contractor or homeowner (who may be completing the electrical work) is responsible to ensure that all the electrical work has a permit and is inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). 

Call 1-877-ESA-SAFE (372-7233) to apply for a permit and an electrical inspection. 

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