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Fence Permits

The Township of Scugog's Fence By-law lists requirements for the height, location and design of fences, including: 

  • A maximum height of 2 m for backyard fences 
  • A maximum height of 1.2 m for front yard fences 
  • A maximum height of 0.75 m for fences along the outside corner of properties located next to intersections 

Before You Dig

Before you dig on or near your property, call 1-800-400-2255 to have someone locate any service lines

Fence Variance

If you'd like to put up a fence that doesn't follow our Fence By-law, apply for a fence variance and include: 

  • A site plan, including a north arrow, drawing scale, location of the fence and any existing or proposed structures 

Our by-law officers may need more information once they receive your application. 

Line Fences

Line fences show the boundary between your property and any property next to yours. One property owner or a group of property owners can put up a line fence. All property owners involved must agree to the location of the property lines. Legal survey plans can help determine these boundaries. 

Fence Viewers

The Line Fences Act includes information about what to do if there's a dispute between property owners about a line fence. Owners who aren't able to reach an agreement can apply to have the Township of Scugog's fence viewers settle the disagreement in two cases: 

  1. When there is no line fence and one owner wants a new fence to be put up to mark the boundary between two properties 
  1. When there is already a line fence but one owner wants it to be reconstructed or repaired 

There is a $250 application fee and additional fees for the fence viewing. Contact the Municipal Law Enforcement Office at 905-985-7346 to set up an appointment to discuss a fence viewer application. 

Fences Around Swimming Pools

For more information please visit the Fence, Pool and Hot Tub Permits page. 

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