Due to COVID-19 some recreation services may have changed or be unavailable. Visit the COVID-19 Information and Updates page for the most recent information regarding recreation facilities and programs.

Birdseye Pool is an outdoor heated aquatic facility with a lap and leisure pool open from June to August each summer. Birdseye Pool will open on June 21, 2021 this year. The Township of Scugog offers affordable private swimming lessons at Birdseye Pool lead by qualified water safety instructors. Other programs include aquafit, public swim, lane swim, social swim, and more to enjoy.

To help inform you about our commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience at Birdseye Pool, despite the new conditions as a result of COVID-19, we want to assure you of the measures we are taking to protect all patrons and our staff. We are working with the public health departments and the Lifesaving Society to follow their recommendations and guidelines that support the wellbeing of all patrons. Although Birdseye Pool may look a little different this year we are excited to be offering another fun-filled summer of programming. For more information visit Durham Region Health Department or the Lifesaving Society. 

Pre-Registration - Required for all Aquatic Activities 

All activities at Birdseye Pool require pre-registration and payment online at www.scugog.ca/registration or by phoning the guard office at 905-982-0830. Walk in participants will only be permitted if space is available and are required to pay by cash, as the facility does not accept debit or credit card payments. Please review all general information and pool rules prior to your visit for facility and program modifications and information.

Birdseye Pool Schedule 


Birdseye Pool Schedule. Please email recreation@scugog.ca for alternate format.


Please note: the 2:30-4:00 p.m. public and private swim times have been replaced with group swim for the summer days camp programs starting the week of August 9, 2021.  

Facility Changes

There will be a designated entrance and exit via gates that lead directly on to the pool deck. There will be no admittance to change rooms but portable toilets will be available beside Birdseye Pool. Patrons are asked to come to Birdseye Pool in their bathing attire and shower before and after their visit. All patrons will be required to wear a face mask while in the facility, until entering the water. Floor markers on the ground will help patrons navigate the facility in an effort to keep a physical distance of two (2) metres at all times. No equipment or toys will be permitted in the pool during leisure swim times and minimal equipment will be available during swim lessons and programs.

Arrival/Departure and Screening

There will be a designated entrance and exit directly to the pool deck as change room facilities will be closed to the public. A staff member will greet patrons at the gate to validate your reservation. The staff will ask each patron a set of screening questions. If the patron passes the screening questions, they will enter through the gate and be allowed access to the pool deck. If the patron does not meet what is required by the screening questions, they will not be permitted to the pool area.


Map of birdseye pool with arrows describing traffic flor

Safety and Sanitation

Treated pool water is an effective disinfectant and the risk while in contact with treated pool water is considered minimal. Staff will be disinfecting common touch points every two to four hours. All staff have received training on updated lifesaving and first aid treatment to best protect both patrons and themselves in the event of an emergency. Goggles are highly recommended while participating in aquatic activities. Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) will be provided and will be sanitized between uses, as well as at the end of each day.

Swimming Lessons

All Instructors will teach from the pool deck and only be permitted in the water to demonstrate skills. To maintain the safety of participants, Red Cross Preschool Levels and Swim Kids Levels 1-3 will require a parent or guardian living within the same household in the water with them during their lesson. Swim Kids Levels 4+ will allow the child to be in the water by themselves as the instructor teaches on deck.

We suggest to register in a maximum of one 30 minute lesson per day for all preschool levels and swim kids levels 1 to 4. We suggest to register in two consecutive 30 minute lessons for one full hour of instruction for swim kids levels 5 to 10. 

View the Leisure and Activity Guide for swim program descriptions, dates and times. 

In the Event of a Report Illness

All patrons who access Birdseye Pool will have their information inputted online when registering or will complete an attendance form upon arrival at the pool. This is to assist with contact tracing should the pool be contacted regarding a past patron testing positive for COVID-19. All contact tracing is done through the Durham Region Health Department. 

Pool Rules
  • Those with open sores or communicable diseases will not be admitted into the pool, unless a medical doctor’s certificate is presented.
  • All participants using the pool/wading pool must change from street clothes to a swim suit and/or clean clothing brought to the facility for the purpose of swimming. Participants may choose to wear t-shirts, thin long sleeve shirts, shorts or tight fitting leggings. Clothing worn in the pool must permit individuals to participate safely in programs. Head covering must be tight fitting and ensure the safety of the participant.
    • Undergarments, cut-offs, jeans and loose clothing are not permitted in the pool.
    • Shoes must be removed before entering the shower and pool area.
    • For swimmers who are not toilet-trained, specially designed swim diapers are required.
    • Patrons wearing street clothes are only permitted to watch from the viewing area.
  • Please do not bring food and/or beverages on the pool deck.
  • Our staff are trained to follow specific procedures in the event of a pool fouling. On occasion, extended pool closures may be necessary.
  • The use of all cell phones and picture-taking equipment is prohibited in all change rooms, washrooms and on pool deck. We do ask that anyone wishing to take pictures obtain permission from the Supervisor on duty. This is to respect the privacy and safety of all patrons.
  • A season’s pass will permit patrons to swim during scheduled public swimming times during the week and on weekends.
  • Patrons are not permitted in the pools without a certified lifeguard on duty.
  • All patrons must shower before entering the pool.
  • Swim hours may be changed due to special events, maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances. Changes to the schedule will be posted one week prior to the change, wherever possible. Unscheduled service disruptions can be found online at www.scugog.ca/news or by contacting any of our recreation facilities.
  • The pool will remain open on rainy days, unless: thunder and/or lighting is evident; or, the downpour is so heavy, that the black dot on the bottom of the pool is not visible. If either of the above two points are present, the pool must be closed immediately. It may re-open after a 20 minute interval void of these two conditions, or upon the discretion of the Supervisor on duty. In the event of the pool being fouled, the pool will be cleared immediately. The required maintenance for fouled pools will be completed.
  • If any drop in or registered swim program is cancelled due to inclement weather/pool fouling within 20 minutes of the start time, an account credit for the admission price will be offered.
  • If any drop in or registered swim program is cancelled due to inclement weather/pool fouling after 20 minutes of use from the start time, no refunds/account credit will be given.
  • If swim lessons are cancelled due to inclement weather, or a fouled pool, a make-up class will be offered. If we cannot find a make-up day/time an account credit will be offered.

Admission Standards for Public Pools

Ages 0-5 years: Must always be accompanied by an adult of at least 14 years of age. This adult is responsible for the direct supervision of the child(ren) in their care and must remain within an arms reach of the child(ren) both in and out of the water. Ratio 2:1.

Ages 6-9 years (did not pass the swim test): Must always be accompanied by an adult of at least 14 years of age. This adult is responsible for the direct supervision of the child(ren) in their care and must remain within an arms reach of the child(ren) both in and out of the water. Ratio 4:1.

Ages 6-9 years (passed the swim test): Must always be accompanied by an adult of at least 14 years of age. The supervising adult must remain water for ages 6-7 years or in the facility for ages 8-9 years. May swim in the shallow and deep end of the pool.

Ages 10+ years: No supervision required. May swim in the shallow end of the pool. A facility swim test is required to swim in the deep end. Swimming with a buddy is strongly encouraged.

What is the swim test? To successfully pass the swim test, individuals must swim continuously on their front, two (2) widths of the pool in a comfortable manner. Face/head must submerge and body must stay horizonal during the test. Children may be required to retake a swim test at anytime during their visit at the discretion of the lifeguard.

Pool Rentals
For inquiries about renting Birdseye Pool please email recreation@scugog.ca

Leisure Swim Descriptions and Fees

Public Swim

Open swim for all age groups and swimming abilities. If you are attending with multiple family members you will need to register ALL family members by clicking the box beside each family members name when registering.

Child 0-17 yrs: $3.40
Adult 18-54 yrs: $4.25
Senior 55+ yrs: $3.00

Social Swim (45+)

This program is designed for adults 45+ to join others in the pool for a fun leisurely swim.

Adult 18-54 yrs: $4.25
Senior 55+ yrs: $3.00

Lane Swim

A swim designed for those who are 15 years of age or older to exercise or improve stroke development swimming up and down the lanes of the lap pool.

Child 0-17 yrs: $3.40
Adult 18-54 yrs: $4.25
Senior 55+ yrs: $3.00

Register online for a swim program. 

Pool Location
254 Water Street, Port Perry, L9L 1C4

Office Hours
Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.