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Trail systems in the Township of Scugog are great for enjoying many outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, jogging, walking, birdwatching and snowmobiling.

Port Perry Waterfront Trail System

The Port Perry Waterfront Trail System takes you along the lakefront, where you can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Scugog. This scenic 5 km trail system starts from Highway 7A (behind VOS Independent Grocer) and continues to Scugog Line 8 (just north of Canterbury Common).

The trail surface is lime-stoned based, paved, and covered in woodchips in some areas.

Access points to the trail system include Queen Street, Casimir Street, and Mary Street. 

Enjoy views of the golf course and gardens within the subdivision along the Canterbury Common Loop trail. The trail also includes a lookout point with a great view of Lake Scugog. Access this trail at the east end of Coulter Street.

Length: 2.4 km

The Rotary Environment Park trail begins at the Rowing Clubhouse and Municipal Boat Launch area. The trail takes you along the natural shoreline and then loops back on the old railway lane. It also has a multi-use boardwalk.

Length: 1.5 km

Enjoy the scenic view along the Birdseye Nature Walk trail. The trail begins between the Marina and Library.

Length: 1.0 km

The Millennium Trail begins at the beach in Palmer Park. Enjoy the natural scenery and unique bridge crossing as you loop back to Water Street, near Curts Street.

Length: 1.5 km

South Port Perry Trail System

There are a number of paths that are part of the South Port Perry Trail System.

The Victorian Village Loop is located just off of Union Avenue. The path dips down to a viewing area of the pond. Please note that this area is prone to flooding, so use caution. Exit at Ash Street and follow Hyland Street to get to the Alma Street link to Poplar Park.

Length: 1.0 km

The Dr. Bruce Park Loop includes Robins Trail and Dr. Bruce Park and connects to the Victorian Village Loop at various points. It is a combination of paved and limestone paths. Enjoy the playgrounds and scenic views along this path. Enter this trail at Oddfellows Hall on the Greenway of Robins Trail.

Length: 2.0 km

The Crow's Pass Trail connects to the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail and takes you into the Crow's Pass Conservation Area.

Length: 3.0 km

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These are the following links along the South Port Perry Trail System:

  • Hyland Street
  • Alma Street
  • Pine Court

Watch for signs that show you where these links are. 

Multi-Use Trails

There are a number of multi-use trails in the Township of Scugog.

We are currently developing the Cawker's Creek Trail, which will run along the following areas:

  • The lands of Scugog Centre Parkland
  • Cawker's Creek River Valley
  • From the Ravines at Cawker Creek to Victoria Street

The Cartwright Fields Trail is great for nature lovers and family outings. The trail's wood chip surface is also perfect for walking.

Length: 0.5 km

The Durham East Cross Forest Trail is located in the East Cross Forest at:

4560 Devitts Road

Nestleton Station, ON L0B 1L0

This is a beautiful, multi-use trail on the Oak Ridges Moraine. It is open daily to hikers, horseback riders and mountain bikers.

Length: 7.0 km

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Find out more about Scugog's trail systems through Durham TourismCentral Lake Ontario Conservation Authority, and Kawartha Conservation Authority.

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