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Plans of Subdivision

Plans of subdivision divide larger parcels of land into smaller lots. A subdivision agreement confirms the property owner's responsibilities for development of this land. Plans of subdivision usually involve the division of three or more lots, and the construction of new roads and services. 

Plans for creating fewer than three lots generally require an application for land division instead of a plan of subdivision. 

Apply for a plan of subdivision 

The Region of Durham approves plans of subdivision for the Township of Scugog. 

Registered plan of subdivision 

A registered plan of subdivision legally implements an approved draft plan of subdivision and legally separates parcels of land for individual sale. A registered plan of subdivision must include: 

  • Exact survey boundaries and dimensions of lots where houses or buildings will be built 
  • Location, width and names of streets 
  • Locations of any schools, parks or other structures included in the plan 


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