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Patio Permits

What is a Patio Permit?

A Patio Permit is a permit process to allow restaurants to create new or expand existing patios to expand seating next to their restaurants. Patios may be permitted on private property, on plaza walkways, or within surplus parking spaces; provided the patio complies with several requirements. 

Please note that if you require a patio permit on public property within the municipal boulevard (under the jurisdiction of the Township of Scugog), please submit your application via: Road Permits | Township of Scugog.

Please review both Submission Requirements and the Patio Permit Process as seen below before completing the application to ensure you have all of the information required.

The following supplementary and supporting documents and materials are required to be submitted with a Temporary/Permanent Outdoor Patio Permit Application:

  • Completed Outdoor Patio Application Form

  • Completed Owner / Applicant Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario Municipal Information Form (section 1 must be completed, and an indication of “wet, damp, or dry” checked off in section 2)

  • Applicable Fees:

    • Patio on Private Property Initial Application Fee: $250

    • Patio on Private Property Annual Renewal Fee: $100

  • One (1) electronic copy of the proposed scaled Site Plan drawing outlining the following:

    • Location and dimension of the building, entrances, exits, and number of washrooms (including number of toilets and/or urinals);

    • Location and use of the adjacent buildings and their entrances/exits;

    • The location and dimensions of the patio and its entrances/exits

    • Area of patio (m²);

    • Setback to applicable lot lines;

    • Seating and patio furnishing plan & details (e.g. fencing, umbrellas, patio chairs and tables, landscape treatments, patio heaters, pylons) and grades;

    • Location of all Municipal services or assets within 6 meters of the proposed patio (e.g. hydrants, utility poles, trees, planters, streetlights, benches, catch basins, manholes, garbage receptacles, signs, awnings, etc.);

    • The location, height, and material type of boundary fence(s) and location and dimensions of any gates or openings;

    • Barrier-free access to parking spaces;

    • Parking layout including number of parking spaces devoted to restaurant/use;

    • Location of all curb cuts and driveways close to the patio;

    • The number of seats on the patio;

    • The maximum occupant load of the principle business and patio according to the Ontario Building Code; and

    • Fire access route.

Additional information and materials may be required in response to a particular development proposal or raised through the review process. Submit completed applications to or contact the Development Services department.

Please note:

  • New patios or extensions should not block fire hydrants, accessible parking spaces, or access routes to and from neighboring businesses (regular parking spaces may be used for patios, provided vehicle access to and from the property is not obstructed. Fencing is required where a patio is in a parking lot and shall be at least 36 inches (91.44cm) tall).

  • New patios or extensions should include materials/markings along the exterior that allow them to be visible at night (e.g. high visibility traffic cones, reflective tape markings).

  • New patios or extensions should not be within sight triangles (6m for Local Roads, 7m for Collector Roads, 9m for Arterial Roads or Provincial Highways.)

  • New patios or extensions that are greater than 0.6m in height from grade will require a Building Permit Application.

  • All patios must maintain and comply with the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. It is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure their own compliance with the Act.

Permit Process

  1. If the Applicant is not the Property Owner, Applicant to complete Owner Authorization Form from the Property Owner agreeing to the proposed extension/establishment of the patio.
  2. Owner/Applicant to prepare Site Plan of the establishment showing the proposed location of the patio/extension.
  3. Owner/Applicant provides details about the materials that will be used for the patio (e.g. traffic cones, temporary fencing, decking, tables and umbrellas, etc.).

  1. Owner/Applicant submits digital copies of the supporting documents noted above to the Planning Department at the Township of Scugog by email to

  1. Supporting Documents will be reviewed for completion and circulated to internal staff for comment such as Planning Services, Fire Prevention, Building Services, Public Works, Clerks, and Regional Health.
  2. Any identified concerns will be communicated to the Owner/Applicant to explore alternatives.
  3. Permit fees are $250 for a new patio for the first year and $100 (indexed every January 1) for a previously approved patio, payable each year.
  4. The Township of Scugog Clerks fee associated with the completion of the Municipal Information Form and Municipal Agency Letters of Approval is $358.17 for a permanent extension to an existing license, or $83.00 for a temporary extension (seasonal patio) payable annually. 
  5. Other supporting information, applications and/or fees may be required such as a Building Permit or minor variance application (such as a reduction in the required number of parking spaces for the establishment.)

  1. Once review is complete, Planning Division issues a letter of approval to the Applicant, which may contain conditions of approval.
  2. If License to Serve Alcohol is requested, the letter of approval will be accompanied by a signed Municipal Information Form (issued by the Clerks Department), and two (2) Municipal Agency Letters of Approval from the Building Services Department and Fire Prevention Officer. 

This process can be started in tandem with a patio permit application. A patio permit can be granted by the Township without AGCO approval. However, the Owner/Applicant will not be permitted to serve alcohol. 

Municipal Clearance Consent (2-Step Process):

Owner/Applicant shall submit a:

  1. Municipal Information Form and any other required documentation to the Township (Planning Services) along with applicable fee (see note below) for processing to the AGCO. The Clerks Department may contact the Owner/Applicant directly if they require additional information details.
  2. Once the Township (Clerks Department) is satisfied, the Owner/Applicant will be provided a copy of the executed municipal consent forms for the AGCO. The Owner/Applicant is responsible for submitting the following documents to the AGCO Portal:
    • Municipal Information Form
    • Three (3) Municipal Agency Letters of Approval:
    • Building Services;
    • Fire Prevention Officer, and;
    • Region of Durham Health Department (Owner/Applicant must contact the health department independently of the Patio Permit Application).

Please note: For a new liquor license and/or permanent extension to an existing license there is a fee of $358.21, payable to the Township of Scugog, prior to receiving the final documentation for the AGCO. Similarly, for a temporary liquor license or temporary extension (seasonal patio), there is a fee of $83.00 payable annually. 

Once you have reviewed the above information, please complete the online Patio Permit Application.

For any additional questions or concerns, please contact Development Services: 905-985-7346 or

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