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Compliance Audit Committee

2022-2026 Council Term Board & Committee  

The Compliance Audit Committee is responsible for hearing applications seeking an audit of contributions received or expenses incurred by a candidate or third-party advertiser in relation to an election governed by the Municipal Elections Act. In Scugog, the Compliance Audit Committee is a Joint Committee with Brock and Uxbridge.

  • 2022 Election Compliance Audit Committee Members - Applications Closed
  • Application for a Municipal Election Compliance Audit - Coming Soon 
  • Compliance Audit Committee Terms of Reference - Coming Soon

The purpose of the Committee is to review applications which may be referred by the Clerk or submitted by qualified electors who believe, on reasonable grounds, that a municipal election candidate or registered Third Party Advertiser has contravened the provisions of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, as amended, related to campaign finances. 

The mandate of the compliance audit committee is to: 

  • Review applications received and decide whether the application should be granted or rejected; 
  • If the application is granted, to appoint an auditor to conduct a compliance audit; and; 
  • Upon receipt of the report indicating a contravention, the Committee may commence legal proceedings against the candidate or Registered Third Party Advertiser; or 
  • Upon receipt of the report indicating no contravention, the Committee may make a finding as to whether there were reasonable grounds for the application and determine whether to recover the costs of conducting the compliance audit 

Additional Responsibilities  

  • Reviewing reports filed by the Clerk; 
  • Appointing an auditor when the Committee grants an application; 
  • Reviewing reports filed by an auditor in response to an application; 
  • Determining if legal proceedings are justified in light of the findings of an auditor’s report; and, 
  • Appointing a prosecutor to commence legal proceedings where it has been determined that legal action is appropriate. 

  • The committee will consist of a minimum of three (3) members, who will serve all three (3) municipalities, appointed by Council prior to October 1 of an election year. Ideally, membership on the Compliance Audit Committee shall be comprised of one (1) member of the public from each municipality to serve all three (3) municipalities. 
  • The Committee meets as needed, with meetings to be scheduled by the Municipal Clerk, in consultation with the Chair, when a compliance audit application is received. 
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