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Tourism Advisory Committee

2022-2026 Council Term Board & Committee  

The mandate of the committee is to represent a variety of Tourism stakeholders and work with staff to further tourism-focused strategic goals and initiatives as set out by Council, including:  

Continue implementation of the tourism action items identified in the 2018 Scugog Community Tourism Strategy;  

Increase awareness of the economic and social benefits of tourism, and support a whole-of-government approach to improve the business climate for tourism and enhance collaboration between industry and government;  

Improve the quality, the quantity and the sharing of tourism data and strengthen performance measurement and the tracking of visitors for tourism related events;  

Support industry to enhance, develop and retain a professional tourism workforce in Scugog;  

Attract investment and develop and enhance tourism products and experiences;  

Increase awareness of Scugog’s unique tourism offerings within Ontario and improve the coordination and impact of marketing efforts. The mandate of the Scugog Shores Museum and Archives component shall be as follows:  

Identify and respond to issues, concerns and government policies that may affect the operations of the municipality’s community Museum and Archives;  

Advise Township of Scugog Council, Senior Municipal Administration and Scugog Departments on events and activities on the Scugog Shores Museum and Archives  

Assist in the development of a comprehensive and efficient museum and archival service that reflects the community’s unique needs;  

Encourage and support the Museum and Archives to meet or exceed recognized professional standards including administration, research and dissemination of information, collection acquisition, development and management, conservation/preservation, exhibition, education and programs, and visitor services;  

Liaise with the community including individuals, groups, and organizations to Page 3 of 4 get input and encourage support for the Museum and Archives;  

Promote the activities and programs of the Museum and Archives;  

Encourage the Museum and Archives to provide programs and services that are affordable, accessible, and inclusive;  

Ensure that the Museum and Archives’ activities promote the advancement of education or other purposes of a charitable nature beneficial to the community as a whole. 

For more information, see the Tourism Advisory Committee's Terms of Reference  

Are you interested in becoming a part of the Tourism Advisory Committee?  

Scugog residents are invited to visit our main committees page to see a full listing of Township committees and from there you would complete the online application form or request the application in alternative accessible format.  

For more information, please contact by email or call the Corporate Services Department at 905-985-7346.  

Tourism Advisory Committee Vacancies

If you have an interest in applying to be a member of one of our Council approved Committees select "view" from the chart below, find your committee of interest, and click "apply" to complete the Application for Appointment.

**Only the committees with available membership will be listed. When attaching your resume, please ensure it is in a PDF format.

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