The Township of Scugog Council was elected on October 22, 2018. Our Council receives support from a number of advisory committees and holds regular Council, General Purpose & Administration Committee and Planning and Community Affairs meetings, which are open to the public. View our Council Calendar, Agendas and Minutes for upcoming meeting dates, our Committee Calendar, or view our Council Meeting Archive for Agendas and Minutes from meetings prior to May 11th, 2020.

Also available is our printable 2021 Council Meeting Calendar and 2022 Council Meeting Calendar.

Township Committee and Council meetings are available on the Township of Scugog Official YouTube channel. 

Learn more about Township governance and Council's Code of Conduct.

Township of Scugog Council (2018 - 2022)

Council Photo

Front row (left to right): Deborah Kiezebrink - Councillor Ward 4, Bobbie Drew - Mayor, Wilma Wotten - Regional Councillor, Janna Guido - Councillor Ward 2.  Back row (left to right): Lance Brown - Councillor Ward 5, Ian McDougall - Councillor Ward 1, Angus Ross - Councillor Ward 3

Township of Scugog Council

 Mayor Bobbie Drew

Photo of Mayor Bobbie Drew   Phone: 905-985-7346 ext. 108  Email:

 Wilma Wotten, Regional Councillor

Photo of Wilma Wotten, Regional Councillor  Phone: 905-809-1049  Email:

 Ian McDougall, Councillor Ward 1

Photo of Ian McDougall, Councillor Ward 1  Phone: 905-809-7347   Email:

 Janna Guido, Councillor Ward 2

Photo of Janna Guido, Councillor Ward 2  Phone: 905-809-7345   Email:

 Angus Ross, Councillor Ward 3

Photo of Angus Ross, Councillor Ward 3  Phone: 905-260-4725   Email:

 Deborah Kiezebrink, Councillor Ward 4

Photo of Deborah Kiezebrink, Councillor Ward 4   Phone: 905-809-6683   Email:

 Lance Brown, Councillor Ward 5

Photo of Lance Brown, Councillor Ward 5  Phone: 905-213-0311   Email: