The Township of Scugog, with funding provided by the Province through the Climate Action Plan funding, has developed a long-term strategy to strengthen and support the transportation network within the municipality, with a focus on fostering the use of more active travel modes such as walking and cycling. The Active Transportation and Transportation Master Plan (AT and TMP) recommends facility improvements and supporting policies and programs to meet future transportation needs.

What is an Active Transportation and Transportation Master Plan?

An Active Transportation and Transportation Master Plan is a strategic policy document that guides how a municipality’s transportation system will grow and develop over time. The plan works together with the Official Plan, which directs land use and development patterns, as well as other master plans such as those concerning municipal servicing, parks and recreation, and economic development. Generally, AT and TMP's assess existing and future travel patterns, and identify policies, programs and infrastructure improvements to establish and maintain the transportation network needed to serve these demands consistent with the municipality’s long-term vision and goals.

Why does Scugog need an AT and TMP?

Outside the broad policies of the Official Plan, the Township does not currently have an overarching strategy to guide the future development of its transportation system, particularly for the use and encouragement of more active forms of travel including walking, rolling and cycling. Active transportation can help reduce automobile dependence, increase physical activity levels, improve public health, reduce infrastructure demands, and create more livable and vibrant communities.

The Township of Scugog Official Plan encourages cycling and walking as sustainable, energy efficient, affordable and accessible forms of travel and includes policies aimed at creating an integrated transportation system that safely and efficiently accommodates these modes. With its highly desirable location within the Oak Ridges Moraine adjacent to the Trent Severn Waterway and small town feel and idyllic lifestyle, the Township believes the opportunity exists to support and foster greater use of active transportation in and around the community. The integration of the ATP into a broader TMP will allow the Township to address future mobility needs in a coordinated, comprehensive fashion.

What did the study involve?

The Township of Scugog Active Transportation and Transportation Master Plan assessed the existing transportation network to identify potential improvements to meet current and future needs. Ultimately, the integrated plan will provide a policy framework to support sustainable transportation practices and livable communities as Scugog grows over time. In delivering this policy framework, the plan is expected to:

  • Create an equitable transportation system, including an interconnected network of active transportation facilities that optimize existing infrastructure;
  • Identify and propose ways to mitigate current and future road needs;
  • Provide supporting policies on matters related to the design and operation of the transportation network, including matters such as safety, traffic management and pedestrian crossings; and
  • Itemizing infrastructure requirements for building and maintaining the Township’s transportation network in the short, medium and long-term.

How was input collected?

Public and stakeholder participation was an essential component of the Township of Scugog Active Transportation and Transportation Master Plan Study. The public engagement program for the study was designed to encourage meaningful, two-way communication so that the final plan could be based on a “Made in Scugog” approach to transportation that aligns with the Township’s vision and unique community features. This included opportunities to converse with the consultant team and Township staff and provide input on ideas and recommendations through a series of “pop-up” sessions and open houses. A copy of the Engagement Summary Report can be found below. 

Council presentations

The Proposed Active Transportation and Transportation Master Plan was presented to council on April 12, 2021. 

The Final Active Transportation and Transportation Master Plan was approved by Council on June 28, 2021.

Supporting Documents

Notice of Completion

Final Active Transportation and Transportation Master Plan

Appendix A - Engagement Summary Report

Appendix B - Policy Context

Appendix C - Recommended Policies

Appendix D - Detailed Cycle Route Assessment

Appendix E - Bicycle Friendly Communities Workshop Summary Report

Appendix F - 2019 DC Background Study - Engineering Service Category Analysis

Appendix G - Costing of Proposed Active Transportation Facilities

Where can I get further information? 

For more information about this study, please contact:

Kevin Arsenault
Capital Project Technologist
Township of Scugog
181 Perry Street
Port Perry, ON L9L 1A7
Telephone: 905-985-7346
Fax: 905-985-9914