Lake Scugog Enhancement Project

The Lake Scugog Enhancement Project (LSEP) is an environmental improvement and dredging project for Port Perry Bay that benefits the whole lake. The range of benefits is broad, including environmental, social, economic, tourism and recreation. The project was initiated by the Healthy Lake Scugog Steering Committee (HLSSC) which was established in 2013 as a Committee of Council to the Township of Scugog to research short and long term solutions for the health of Lake Scugog to improve the environmental, financial and social economies of the Lake Scugog Watershed. 

The Port Perry waterfront is arguably the most visited and iconic location in the entire Township. Accordingly, efforts spent at beautifying and maintaining the area to the highest standards are seen as an investment in the overall image and brand of the municipality. 

Background / Current Status

- Lake Scugog Enhancement Project (LSEP) Environmental Assessment has been completed and is pending approval from the MECP upon finalization of comments from Federal agencies

- LSEP design and permit applications are nearly complete

- Estimated cost $5.5 million, to date have obtained $3.6 million in funding (Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation, Township, Kawartha Conservation, fundraising/ donations)

- Need assistance with funding gap of $1.9 million

- Subject to funding LSEP has a tentative start date in Fall 2022

- Healthy Lake Scugog Steering Committee established 2013 – Township, Kawartha Conservation, Scugog Lake Stewards, Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation, MNRF, local MP, local MPP, Parks Canada/ Trent Severn Waterway, business owners, BIA/ Chamber of Commerce

- Scugog watershed is a natural asset of significant value with Ecological Goods and Services estimated to be $302.3 M/ year

- Value of asset is being eroded by accelerated eutrophication of the lake resulting in:

  • Excess amount of non-native aquatic vegetation
  • Accumulation of sediment and organic matter reducing water depth
  • Impacted water quality
  • Impacted shoreline habitats and fisheries
  • Reduced aesthetics 


- Remove excessive sediment and organic matter; manage invasive aquatic vegetation

- Return bay to a navigation depth of 1.8 m to increase tourism & recreational opportunities

- Mitigate stormwater inputs by installing 3 oil grit separators and re-purposing the dredgate to enhance wetland

- Improve quality and diversity of fish, amphibian, reptile and waterfowl habitats

- Improve on land tourism/ recreation opportunities through waterfront trail extension and fishing platforms

- Range of benefits is broad, including environmental, social, economical, financial and social economies 

Project Description

- 9 dredge areas, totaling 4.13 ha

- A 245 m engineered berm to contain the wetland (having a 3 m wide accessible path, park benches and 4 angling platforms)

- A 14,900 m2 wetland, featuring basking logs, vegetated hummocks, nesting features, seed mixes and native shrubs

- 12 m wide channel to convey flow into Lake Scugog

- 2 stone-cored wet meadows and 3 oil and grit separators to treat stormwater discharge 

Project Support

The 2018 Township Strategic Planning Survey identified Lake Scugog and LSEP as priorities:

  • 79% of respondents said that Lake Scugog (shoreline, water quality) were "Very Important “
  • 91% of respondents in support of the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project

- Ontario Tech University

“On behalf of my research group and institution, I fully support … the Lake Scugog Enhancement Project, which will undoubtedly provide a range of benefits to Lake Scugog and the surrounding region”  Andrea Kirkwood, Undergraduate Program Director

- Mississuagas of Scugog Island First Nation

“The MSIFN welcomes this opportunity to work with the Township of Scugog and look forward to approval of funding and favourable successful completion for this much needed community project which will support First Nation recreational, social, economic and tourism needs.” Chief Kelly LaRocca 

For more information please contact:

Carol Coleman
Township of Scugog
181 Perry Street, P.O. Box 780
Port Perry, ON  L9L 1A7
Tel: 905-985-7346 X149

Tanner Liang

Water Quality Specialist

Kawartha Conservation
277 Kenrei Road
Lindsay, ON  K9V 4R1
Tel: 705-328-2271 X228