The Township of Scugog provides programs and services to the community based on an annual Operating and Capital budget. Input from the community is a vital part of the budget planning process. A Budget Information Package has been developed in a continuing effort to increase taxpayers understanding of and participation in the annual budget process. A budget feedback form was created to gain your input, and was open for participation until Friday September 30, 2022. Thank you to all who participated, all submissions will be reviewed and considered.

For a list of FAQ's related to the Township of Scugog's budget process, please visit - Scugog Budget

The budget information package includes:

  • common budget and forecast terms;
  • the important plans and studies that support the budget process;
  • what makes up the Township's budget;
  • how tax rates are calculated; and
  • how to have your say about the budget and other Township matters.

In addition to the information package and the Budget Feedback Form, the Township offers two Virtual Public Open House meetings for an opportunity to review the budget, ask questions and provide feedback. is also available to ask all of your budget questions. 

Operating budget

The Operating budget outlines our spending plan for the upcoming year. This includes the day-to-day costs of running:

  • The Township
  • Fire services
  • Facilities, such as arenas, museums and libraries
  • Recreation programs
  • Road maintenance
  • By-law enforcement

Council reviews the budget to ensure the goals and priorities they have set are reflected in the budget. Once Council is satisfied with the budget, it is approved.

The budget is then used to calculate the Township's portion of the tax rate by property class. The Township's tax rates are then combined with the Region of Durham tax rates and the Education tax rates from the Ontario Government, to calculate the annual tax rates for the properties in the Township.

The 2023 Draft Operating Budget virtual presentation and Q&A will be hosted March 6th, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. Visit the Township's Council and Committee page to view the presentation . Please note dates for the public open house sessions are subject to change. 

View 2023 Draft Operating Budget or 2023 Draft Operating Budget Presentation

Capital budget

Council approved the budget on January 31, 2023, save and except project FIN003 which will be subject to review on March 6, 2023.

2023 Capital Budget

The Capital budget outlines Scugog's plan for long-term projects. It includes infrastructure related to road reconstruction, park improvements, fleet replacements (fire trucks and snowplows), sidewalk rehabilitation or replacement and building component replacement or rehabilitation.

The Operating Budget includes the day-to-day costs of running the Township services, programs and general maintenance including among other things grass cutting of parks or hydro for streetlights.

Essentially, Operating Budget is like a Chequing account, whereas Capital Budget is our Savings account. And now you know!

Capital Budget Virtual Open House was held on January 11 2023 at 6:30 pm to review the draft 2023 Capital Budget. Please note dates for the public open house sessions are subject to change. 

Current and previous budgets

Note: Please contact the Finance Department to request an accessible version for any of the documents listed below.

View more information about our current budget and budgets from previous years:

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